Our Story

The T. Ross Band is a Kansas City-based professional band covering rock, country, blues and R&B. Some of the artists we cover include Fleetwood Mac, John Mellencamp, Bonnie Raitt, George Strait, The Commitments and Linda Ronstadt. 

Members include Tim Ross, Carolyn Ross, Rick Allen,  Jeffery Smith, Lorna Guevel and Jeff Imboden. 

Tim and Jeff met in 1975, when they were both auditioning for The One & Only Singers, the premier performing group at then Central Missouri State University. And the rest, as they say, is history. (Yes, they both made the cut!) 

They both performed several years with the group while in college, both serving as Director. Carolyn and Lorna joined the group later, as singers and musicians. 

After college, Tim formed a group with several college friends. The group played locally and after a couple of years decided to hit the road.  They played hotels and clubs all over the country.

Carolyn and Tim ended up getting married, while Lorna married another performer in the group, Gene Guevel. As everyone went their separate ways - raising families, building careers, and just living life, they never stopped making music, and never stopped staying in touch.

Fate brought Tim and Jeff together again in 2007 when they had the opportunity to form a back-up group for Kenny Loggins during his performance at Harrah's Casino in Kansas City; they will both tell you that was one of their career highlights!

They stayed in touch infrequently over the next few years, as old college buddies sometimes do, until Tim called Jeff in 2014 and asked him to join his band who had just lost a guitar player. Another personnel and name change later brought about the formation of The T. Ross Band.

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