Tim & Carolyn Ross' Bio 

Tim began his interest in music at an early age leading the congregation in hymns growing up in the Church of Christ. In fifth grade he started learning to play the trumpet. In sixth grade he auditioned and was chosen to perform with the YMCA boys choir, performing at conventions and special events in the Kansas City area. 
Through his high school years he was a member of the William Chrisman Acappella Choir, Madrigal Choir and the Blue and Gold singers. He also continued playing trumpet in band and orchestra. His first experience in a rock band was playing trumpet in a group lead by his friend Gary Driskell, playing a few dances and at the Santa-Cali-Gon festival in the summer of 1975. 
In the fall of 1975 Tim enrolled in college at Central Missouri State University and started out to earn a degree in music education, but his interest soon turned to film and broadcasting. Wanting to remain involved in music, he auditioned for the group “The One and Only Singers” a public relations group sponsored by the university’s student affairs office. The group produced shows on campus, performed at university events and travelled to surrounding high schools to promote the college. This is when he first met fellow member Jeff Imboden. After a couple of years in the group he became director and welcomed new members Lorna Guevel on piano and performer Carolyn Prout (and that's a whole different story) 
After college he wasn't ready to give up his involvement in music and started a ten piece band called “Starshine” with Carolyn and several friends from school. The group became quite popular playing in downtown Warrensburg and at many frat and sorority parties. In the summer of 1982 the group decided to hit the road. With the help of a booking agent in Dallas they began playing hotels and clubs all across the country. Several months later they achieved fame by becoming the first Kansas City-based band to appear at Quincy's in the Adam's Mark Hotel, one of the city’s premier night clubs. 
In 1984, after a change of personnel, Tim and Carolyn continued traveling with new members and shifted their base of operation to Indianapolis, Indiana, changing the name of the group to “The Red Ball Jets”. Tim started playing his trumpet again and playing keyboards. The group was chosen in 1986 for a Department of Defense tour of the Caribbean and Central America. In 1988 Tim and Carolyn finally decided to make it official and were married. 
After being away from home almost 8 years, 1989 started off with a major change with Tim and Carolyn moving back to Kansas City to be with family. In 1990 they reunited with original Starshine member Brad Cox and started the group “Good Question”. They performed in many clubs, New Year’s Eve parties and one of the biggest Halloween parties hosted by Take Two Productions. In 2007, one of the highlights of Tim's musical career was being asked to form a group of eight singers to back up Kenny Loggins at the Voo Doo Lounge at Harrah's Casino. One of his first calls to help was to Jeff Imboden. 
In 2009 the group reorganized and became “The People Next Door”. They added Lorna Guevel on keys and violin, and Tim began playing bass guitar. The group appeared at many Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation events and festivals including Rock the Green. 
The current lineup began in 2014 with the reuniting with friend Jeff Imboden on vocals and guitar and with Rick Allen on lead guitar, and keyboards. Other members Jeffrey Smith, Lorna Guevel and Carolyn continue to have fun making music and performing at receptions, special events and festivals in the metro area. 



The One & Only Singers

On Stage with Kenny Loggins

Backstage with Kenny Loggins

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